The Rat Pack Summit
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DEAN MARTIN Presented by Chris Gardner Chris Gardner
  • Dean Martin…the captivating voice, the easy charm, the relaxed wit – This is the charismatic persona of the all time “King of Cool” And Chris Gardner just might be the world’s best Dean Martin tribute artist. That’s what the critics said when he stormed Vegas as the surprise star of the “The Rat Pack is Back”, production, soon after returning to San Francisco to headline the touring production of “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show”.

    This guy inhabits Dean Martin from the moment he takes the stage: A suave, ultra-cool, witty, always loveable lady-killer. Chris shows up to party- dressed to kill in an impeccable vintage tuxedo- and then delivers the goods with perfect Dino mannerisms and dead-on vocal renditions-and of course the ever-present bottomless cocktail.

    Chris is so precise in his mannerisms, voice and comedic abilities, that it's easy to believe he's the genuine article…and you WISH Dean Martin were here so you could be him…or go home with him!

    Dean heats up the night- replete with drink and cigarette, with some quick verbal repartee and fine turn of phrase with several songs, including the signature "That's Amore".

  • The Performer

    Chris Gardner is entertainment at its Vegas-in-the-early-60’s-Swingin’-Best: wise-cracking, spinning tales, and singing the songs that made Dean Martin a legend.

    Chris started acting at age 11 on the musical stage, in commercials, film and television. But much later he stepped into the role of Dean Martin to find that it fits him like a custom-tailored silk tux. Today Chris and his wife live outside San Francisco in Walnut Creek CA as professional parents of four boys.