The Rat Pack Summit
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JOEY BISHOP Presented by Patrick Scalise Patrick Scalise
  • The Rat Pack Summit always breaks open with the unexpected fun from the “Frown Prince of Comedy” - Joey Bishop. This Joey has an endless bag of tricks and has the audience erupting in laughter all night long. There’s always some rapid-fire comedy of great gags with a modern twist.

    Sometimes the Godfather appears to make sure his “Fellas” in the desert remember who they work for. Sometimes he’s a janitor mopping the stage and reminiscing about trading real edgy limericks back stage at the Sands with Frank and the guys. Sometimes “Yoshi Bishop" (a kimono-clad Joe) breaks into someone's set for some comedy schtick. Sometimes he interrupts Franks cha-cha, appearing in the audience selling food to go, and mementos, while Sammy and Dean materialize onstage as the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

    Sometimes Joey morphs into an unbelieveably - believeable JOE PESCI stepping straight out of Good Fellas to bust in on Frank as a hilarious and menacing Wise Guy. And Sometimes he becomes MICHAEL JACKSON - gone white!

  • Patrick is a northern California Oak-Town boy who started acting (up) at the University of San Francisco, finishing with a BA in Communication Arts, and moved to Hollywood for a 14 year stint as a struggling actor, appearing on television, stage and screen. He cut his chops at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under Jeffery Tambor to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1994, then returning to the Bay Area to mix business, comedy, and love…(which proves to be a lethal combination..).