The Rat Pack Summit
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FRANK SINATRA Presented by Chuck Campagnet Chuck Campagnet
  • “The Voice is back” … with an attitude… and a sense of humor…You don’t need to like Frank… But you’ll love this show...

    Frank’s Avatar might not be mistaken for Sinatra if seen on a New York City subway. He’s a taller, younger, and more athletic. But Chuck he simply nails Sinatra's stage presence and delivers the confidence, the poise and the sense of edgy control. And vocally he is a crackerjack chairman of the board, With spot-on phrasing and delivery. In fact he delivers such a perfect match to “Blue Eyes” that you just might forget you're seeing an impression. But this is not your father’s Frank…This is Frank at his 1960 at Peak Performance, banging out big brassy tracks that topped the Pop Charts and sent the Hollywood recording world swinging. The vocal smarts of Blue Eyes with the energy of Harry Connic Jr. And he can switch it up too… with an amazing saloon ballad. His renditions of “Summer Wind”, "Fly Me to The Moon" or One For My Baby will give you chills. Anyone who watches goes away feeling they just got as close to the Sinatra magic as anyone can.

  • The Performer
    Growing up in San Francisco hanging at Carol Channing’s original high school theater home, he did musical productions as a kid and travelled to Club Med as a college student to sing with international pop acts. He sailed back under the Golden Gate in time for the SWING DANCE CRAZE to sweep over the California Club scene.

    The Berkeley Finance grad kept up his chops by donating performances at big San Francisco charity fundraisers. Then in 1995 he wrote and headlined in a “A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra” performed with the Starduster Orchestra area-wide. This 17 piece Orchestra gave him high decibel jolt of what twelve heart-thumping brass horns sound like when backing a live singing performance. Chuck met Sinatra. Sinatra met Big Band Swing, Swing met Vegas Cool...and THE RAT PACK SUMMIT was born. The show was produced for a theater venues and was performed it to sold out audiences in December 2009.

    Chuck and his wife (..she has a real job…) live on San Francisco Bay and travel in Europe part time to perform - or to just to eat good food and get free drinks.

    Call it “La Dolce Far Niente”. Why not?- Frank did it.